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Berlin-based Dudes Factory was founded in 2010 by good friends with the common goal of building a brand that would allow them to develop their own creative interests and lifestyle. Through collaborations with many artists over the years, they found the ideal collaborative partnership with artist McBess. The Dudes decided to join forces with McBess and he joined as a co-owner of the company. Since then, McBess has been instrumental in developing the aesthetics of the brands with his signature style.
The Dudes' core ideal is to keep the creative process fresh, fun, and relevant to their lifestyles, combining art, music, culinary arts, and a wide range of other subcultures like skateboarding, tattoos, and graffiti, all fused together. perfection in the unique brand that it is today. Their collections will now be available in our store in La Laguna, Tenerife and of course on this website.